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Updating and editing your signage content couldn’t be simpler with our cloud based software system. By logging into you embed account you can edit prices, media and images and, with no need for a dedicated computer system.

All digital screens can be link so that updating one channel updates all displays, no matter where in the country they are.

Alternatively we can manage all your devices and content from a single location, meaning you no longer need stress about content.

Display different content at different times without the need to log in and switch. 

Schedule content in advance depending on time, date and even weather condition to directly target your content to specific situations.

Multiple users on a single account each with their own level of access.

Members of your team can be assigned separate login details allowing them to access different elements of the software, meaning management doesnt have to fall to an individual but can be shared amongst the team.

Whether you set them up yourself or ask us to design them for you, your content can be designed amended using our powerful online layout tool.


cloud based content management

landscape or portrait

1080p HD

multiple inputs

wifi enabled

24/7 usage

IPX5 durability rated

super slim design

tizen os

anti glare technology

multiple service options

Our experienced team can aid you through the whole process.

From survey, content design, installation and continued support we’re dedicated to offering you the best service available.

With our fully integrated solutions you can choose the level of control you have. From managing your own network of signage and designing your own content all the way through to a fully managed system. We aim to find the best solution for you and your business.

No matter how big or small your project we’d be happy to help.

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